Tern Environmental – Making Spill Cleanup Easier than Ever Before

home_3An oil spill is the inadvertent discharge of hydrocarbons into the environment from oil tankers, rigs and wells in the form of diesel, gasoline, oil and other oily refuse. Notwithstanding all efforts to check their occurrence, oil spills still happen, and when they do, the pollutants can spread far and wide – sometimes, over areas as large as the entire state of Hawaii – in record time, and in the process, they end up decimating ecosystems and ruining bank balances indiscriminately. This is the reason why spill cleanup and oil recovery becomes the principal concern in the event of an oil spill.

At Tern Environmental, we are motivated by this very objective as we design and develop products that have made the process of recovery much less expensive and a lot more efficient. These products, which range from rolls, socks, pillows, pads, booms, spill kits, pom poms to drum pads, operate in various different methods, so that you can be certain of finding the Spill Cleanup product suited to your requirements at Tern Environmental, no matter what the size of the spill or the weather conditions prevailing over the site of the spill. Based in Houston, Tern Environmental is specialized in oil cleanup and control products having a comprehensive reach in South America, the Middle East, Asia and Europe. Great service and products that save you money – that’s our axiom image.

Apart from causing immediate damage, oil spills also cause repercussions lasting for several decades thereafter. The right cleanup products, however, can ensure that the damage is contained outright, which is why Tern Environmental is your first port-of-call when an oil spill occurs because all our products are versatile, specific, efficient and cost-effective.